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用我们自己的丰富经验,灵活的understanding of knowledge and new technology, continuous development and lean progress, our company has developed a variety of high-qualityCurtain Wall System,Aluminum Mirror,Curtain Wall Mullion Calculation Model.The effect of each of our Curved Glass is the bearing of high quality raw materials, experience and creativity. In terms of technology, we continue to increase R&D investment, optimize product structure, and improve product performance to satisfy the requirements of customers. In our opinion, responsibility is to adhere to the people-oriented, the continuous pursuit of ambitious ideals, the continuous creation of value for customers, and the creation of happiness for employees. Product lists and detailed parameters and any other info weil be sent to you timely for your inquiries. With high technical resistance and advanced processing equipment, we are firmly in the position of leader in the industry. We recognize the importance of talent to the development of our company, so we have been committed to creating the best platform for the best people to work and develop. We build a professional team, improve the lean operation ability and management level, lock the target, and never give up. With the wide application of Internet and the rapid development of e-commerce, our sales channels, marketing methods and customer service modes are facing new changes and innovations.
  • Verticality Inspection Of Tempered Glass

    Verticality Inspection Of Tempered Glass

    Thickness: 3mm, 3.2mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm and 19mm, etc. Sizes: Max. Size 12,000mm * 3,300mm, Min. Size 100mm * 300mm. Glass Types: Float Glass, Low E Glass, Patterned Glass. Glass Colors: Clear, Extra Clear, Bronze, Grey, Blue and Green, etc.
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  • Oversized Laminated Glass

    Oversized Laminated Glass

    REXI Glass can produce Jumbo laminated glass fins with maximum 13 meters’ length. REXI Laminated Glass, a tough polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer film is sandwiched between glass and processed by high temperature pressing. Laminated glass made of transparent PVB film has...
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  • Ceramic Frit Glass

    Ceramic Frit Glass

    REXI ceramic frit glass is made by coating a layer of ceramic on the glass and tempering it, the ceramic is firmly attached to the surface and will never fade. It is highly functional and decorative. It has many different colors and patterns, such as stripes, mesh and...
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  • SGP Glass

    SGP Glass

    REXI SGP glass is a kind of laminated glass. After special pre-pressing (or vacuuming) and high-temperature and high-pressure processing, the glass and film are permanently bonding together as one of the composite glass products. The film of SGP glass is SentryGlas®Plus film...
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  • 6.38mm Clear Laminated Glass For Single Glazed Window

    6.38mm Clear Laminated Glass For Single Glazed Window

    REXI Industries provides fine product of Clear laminated glass. The normal 6.38mm clear laminated glass can be widely used for door and window manufacturing. Different from many other kinds of products, laminated glass is a kind of cut-able glass. It could be cut into...
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  • Double Glazing

    Double Glazing

    REXI double glazing has a definition of a product which is to effectively support and evenly spaced of two pieces of glass and the periphery of the adhesive seal, so that a dry gas space gap between the glass layers. According to the shape it can be divided into flat and...
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  • 3mm-19mm Tempered Glass Made in China

    3mm-19mm Tempered Glass Made in China

    REXI tempered glass is glass after the heat treatment process. It is characterized by the formation of compressive stress on the surface layer, mechanical strength and thermal shock resistance is improved, and has a special debris status.
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  • Curved Glass

    Curved Glass

    REXI弧形玻璃是一种钢2022足球世界杯32强化玻璃制作h add a bending procedure, so it also belongs to safety glass. It is widely used in construction, automobiles, ships, aircraft, instruments, meters and furniture. The China curved glass factory and can provide product to meet...
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  • The Popularization of PVB Laminated Glass

    The Popularization of PVB Laminated Glass

    As the hardware equipment and production process of PVB laminated glass tend to be stable, the factors that affect the quality of products are the selection of raw glass and film.
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  • Tempered Glass For Aluminum Windows Doors

    Tempered Glass For Aluminum Windows Doors

    REXI TEMPERED GLASS is made by heating flat glass to just below its softening temperature (650 °c) and suddenly chilling it with jets of cold air. Tempered glass manufactured by this method is much stronger than normal glass, almost 4-5 times stronger than ordinary float...
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  • Hot Bent Glass

    Hot Bent Glass

    REXI hot bent glass is mainly used for architectural interior and exterior decoration, lighting roof, sightseeing elevator, arched corridor, furniture, aquarium, wash basin, counter, ornaments and so on.
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  • Toughened Laminated Glass

    Toughened Laminated Glass

    REXI Toughened laminated glass refers to further safe treatment after glass tempering, bonding two pieces of glass together. After the glass breaks, it will not splash and hurt people, which will play a safe role.
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In the face of the new globalized fierce competition environment, we will use our strength to achieve great success, rely on innovation to promote development, and use quality to forge the future, and strive to become aSilver Mirror Glass,Cladding Systemmanufacturing enterprise with global influence. As one of the most professional Curved Glass manufacturers and suppliers in China, we bring here high quality Curved Glass with good price. Welcome to buy quality products from our factory.
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