Float Glass

  • Dark Blue Reflective Glass

    Dark Blue Reflective Glass

    REXI dark blue reflective glass has a suitable transmittance for visible light, a high reflectivity to infrared rays, a high absorptivity for ultraviolet rays, so it has very precise control over sunlight, and is mainly used for building curtain walls.
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  • Bronze Reflective Glass

    Bronze Reflective Glass

    REXI bronze reflective glass is usually made by plating layers of film on the surface of high-quality float glass by physical or chemical methods. The film color makes the product appear bronze.
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  • Grey Glass

    Grey Glass

    REXI grey glass is a product with transitional color from colorless to colored in the process. It is solemn and suitable for serious and authoritative construction and facility like government and procuratorate.
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  • Tinted Glass

    Tinted Glass

    REXI tinted glass is made by adding colored ions, compound colloids, and metal colloidal particles to the glass raw material so as to present different colors.
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  • Low Iron Glass

    Low Iron Glass

    REXI low iron glass is an ultra-transparent, super clear product. It is high-quality, multi-functional new high-grade, with a light transmittance of 91.5% or more, its crystal-like luster and clear brightness, and good light refractive ratio makes it also widely used in the...
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  • Clear Glass

    Clear Glass

    REXI clear glass is colorless and transparent, without body tinted or other staining methods. It has relatively higher transmittance and it is an indispensable material for the construction industry and optical equipment.
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  • Dark Green Reflective Glass

    Dark Green Reflective Glass

    REXI dark green reflective glass is very popular in countries located in tropical areas such as Africa and South America. Because of the hot climate and the strong sunshine, buildings need function to block out sunlight and isolate heat.
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  • Dark Grey Reflective Glass

    Dark Grey Reflective Glass

    REXI dark gray reflective glass is produced by using CVD technology (chemical vapor deposition) that creates a perfect dark grey layer of metal oxide chemically bonded to the surface of glass.
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  • Golden Reflective Glass

    Golden Reflective Glass

    REXI黄金reflective glass has a luxurious appearance, the coating imparts a "mirror-like" façade to give it visual appeal while providing functional benefits like indoor solar control and glare reduction.
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  • Gray Glass

    Gray Glass

    REXI gray glass is a neutral dark glass, which can be absorbed without selectivity for each band of the spectrum. It is a series of gradients from transparent to black.
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  • Euro Grey Glass

    Euro Grey Glass

    REXI euro grey glass has a light color. The amount of pigment, melting time and melting temperature will affect the depth of the firing color to varying degrees. The grey shades can also be assigned as needed.
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  • Dark Grey Glass

    Dark Grey Glass

    REXI dark grey glass is closer to black in color, and its light transmittance is very low, which is suitable for creating a dim indoor environment.
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