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  • 艾尔uminium Windows and Doors

    艾尔uminium Windows and Doors

    REXI aluminum windows and doors have frames and other parts mainly composed of aluminum alloy, which has characteristics of light weight and high strength. It has gradually replaced other materials, such as steel products, and has become the first choice of modern...
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  • 艾尔uminum Sliding Doors

    艾尔uminum Sliding Doors

    Sliding doors are used for more than one hundred years, first used for bedroom and wardrobe, then to living room, bookshelf, and cabinet. The frame material for sliding doors are from timber to steel, aluminum, UPVC and thermal break aluminum; the panel material are from...
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  • 艾尔uminium Curtain Wall

    艾尔uminium Curtain Wall

    REXI aluminium curtain wall adopts high-quality high-strength aluminum alloy plate, Its structure is mainly composed of panels, ribs and corners.
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  • Triple Glazed Aluminum Window

    Triple Glazed Aluminum Window

    In the triple glazed aluminum windows, the aluminum we used is also thicker than the double glazed aluminum window, which means that the profile also has better heat and sound insulation performance than others. The heat and sound insulation performance of aluminum profiles...
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  • Double Glazed Aluminium Window

    Double Glazed Aluminium Window

    Double glazed Aluminium window means two glasses with inert gases in them. The inert gases in double glazed which is called Ar has a good performance of sound insulation. Because the gas has better sound insulation than solids especially inert gases. And this performance can...
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  • 艾尔uminum Glass Sliding Windows

    艾尔uminum Glass Sliding Windows

    The aluminum glass sliding window produced by REXI industries is one of the most common windows in our life. According to the way of opening, it’s going to be divided to two types of is a horizontal sliding window, and the other is a vertical sliding window.
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  • 艾尔uminium Frame Window

    艾尔uminium Frame Window

    The aluminum alloy fame window offered by REXI Industries could be a better choice. Aluminum alloy is composed of two aluminum profiles and the insulation materials which takes the function of heat preservation in the middle. The thickness of the profile and the shape of the...
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  • 艾尔uminum Doors

    艾尔uminum Doors

    REXI is specialized in the research and production of aluminum alloy doors and related decorative products. It is a professional China aluminum doors manufacturer of middle-grade energy-saving and environmental protection.
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  • 艾尔uminium Sliding Doors

    艾尔uminium Sliding Doors

    REXI设计,铝的生产和安装sliding doors. In order to ensure better product quality and meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets, REXI has established a sound quality assurance system to achieve full quality control.
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  • 艾尔uminum Windows

    艾尔uminum Windows

    REXI aluminum windows are a new form developed on the basis of casement windows. There are two ways to open it. It can be opened flat and pushed away from the top. It is generally composed of aluminum frames, window sashes, glass and hardware.
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  • 包覆系统


    REXI cladding system has extensive practical experience in wall system solutions. With the system we provide a simple solution of the spatial facade decoration. By hanging the different thickness of sheet through the keel fixed on the wall, we reached a corrosion-resistant,...
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  • Wall Cladding

    Wall Cladding

    REXI wall cladding enjoys an excellent reputation in the domestic industry. Several major projects undertaken in Qingdao have been unanimously recognized in the industry. In addition, our advanced design concepts and technical features are all powerful competitive advantages.
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