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Aluminum Solid Panel

Aluminum Solid Panel

REXI aluminum panels are processed from high-quality aluminum plates. With PVDF or powder coating on the surface, the panels are protected from UV, temperature, humidity, and atmospheric erosion. Aluminum panels perform excellently at anti-bending and anti-wind pressure, which makes it conducive to working and secondary development.

Aluminium solid panel is made of pure aluminum sheet. aluminum solid panel is recognized for its non-combustibility, flat surface, high rigidity, diverse colors and finish, easy processing, outstanding resistance against weather and pollution. Thanks to these key advantages, it is born for exterior facade, rainscreen wall cladding, roofing, tunnel lining and so on. These advantages make it in the construction of external walls, It is widely used in tunnel lining and roof decoration.

After more than 20 years of development, the original fluorocarbon spraying and powder-coated aluminum solid panel have been developed to cover transfer, drawing Wire, porcelain, carved, rolled, antique copper, anodized, extruded Aluminum solid panel for more than ten production processes such as pressing and 3D printing.

The thickness of the commonly used solid aluminum plate is mainly 2mm, 2.5mm and 3mm, There are special requirements or a single solid aluminum plate thickness is too large, need to install reinforcing ribsthe reinforcing ribs are generally arranged in the direction perpendicular to the long side and can also be customized according to the actual design needs of the site. Mainly grey and white in color, other colors can also be specified according to RAL color. It is a flexible profile.

Aluminum solid panel due to its specific metal material, used in the building curtain wall will give people a kind of modern beauty, its non-combustibility plays a very key role in fire prevention, and because of its light weight, in the installation process can also reduce labor costs, thus reducing the overall cost of the project. In the process of installation, the expansion joint can resist the change of climate conditions, offset the deformation of the profile generated by thermal expansion and cold contraction, ensure the flatness of the profile, and make the exterior decoration effect look more beautiful.

Now more and more buildings are popular to use metal plate as building curtain wall material, the reason is also attributed to the excellent physical properties of aluminum solid plate and color change, flexibility of design, etc., our company has a professional design team and factory, can provide professional services for your project.

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